Currently in Melbourne — November 14th, 2022

Currently in Melbourne — November 14th, 2022
The storms held off... then finally arrived.

The weather, currently.

Cloudy... with a chance of rain and storms. 

The promised weekend downpours and storms waited and waited, finally arriving on Sunday night and into this morning. Storms are forecast again today, along with cloud, and a very high chance of showers, both in the morning and afternoon. Light north-westerly winds of 20 to 30km/h in the morning will tend west to south-westerly at 25 to 40 km/h in the middle of the day. Today’s wake up temperature of 14°C will climb to a top of 20°C, with UV ratings high at 9 on the UV index. There are isolated flood warnings in place for the northeast of the state, which has been seeing some of the promised rainfall for the last few days. Minor flood warnings are in place for the Yarra River. Gale wind warnings are in place for the Central, Central Gippsland, and East Gippsland Coasts, and strong wind warnings are set for the Port Phillip and Western Port Bays, and the West Coast.

— Megan Herbert

What you need to know, currently.

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